Hlubiny (Depths)

Wariot Ideal

Czech Republic
Th 31.10.2019, 8:15 PM Buy tickets T-Werk, Schiffbauergasse 4E 15,- € / reductions 10,- € / pupil 6,- € (evening box office: + 2,- €) Performance, 60 min, nonverbal – German premiere –

Three pilgrims with a heavy load: gigantic tapestries, mattresses, entire desks, iron shoes and red-hot pans. Sometimes they are basket makers, sometimes magicians, at other times warriors, clairvoyants – and even the incarnation of God. The trio loves pagan customs and folklore as well as the Old Testament as inexhaustible sources of inspiration. Miracle cures, birch rituals, sacrificial offerings – in the end, the cry “We’re all balls!” echoes across the wide circular stage. A mixture of exotic ceremony and Dadaistic mystery play, the three seek their salvation. And with plenty of black humour, slapstick and a magical ending, they actually find what they are looking for.

Wariot Ideal is an artists’ collective created in 2009 on the basis of many years of cooperation between the actor and pantomime Vojtěch Švejda, the musician and composer Jan Kalivoda and the lighting designer and scenographer Jan Dörner. Since then, the group has become an integral part of the Czech alternative art scene. Their productions uniquely combine visual and musical elements. Apart from theatre productions, the members of Wariot Ideal also give concerts with their music groups Woříšci and Šedesátiny Jarky Nohavici.

Creative team: Jan Dörner, Jan Kalivoda, Vojtěch Švejda, Milena Dörnerová, Šimon Janíček, Mikoláš Zika · Photos: Vojtěch Brtnický


Supported by Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds, Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin

Supported by MHMP - Magistrát hlavního města Prahy; MKČR - Ministerstvo kultury ČR; Státní fond kultury ČR; MČ Praha 7; Motus, z.s. - produkce divadla Alfred ve dvoře; Čtyři dny




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