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Since its formation in 1985, Artus has gone on to become one of Hungary’s best-known companies. Working at a disused factory site in Budapest, the company is made up of about a dozen artists. Specialising in a range of different areas, they concentrate on elements of dance, gesture and the visual side of theatre in their work.

A powerfully visual journey through time and theatrical archaeology: Osiris, King of Egypt, who was dismembered by his brother and tossed into the Nile, before being fished back out again by his sister and created anew, wanders through different cultures, with love, poetry and absurdity as his constant companions. Playing with both mythological analogies and divergent styles in a sophisticated manner, this invocation – which is also an invocation of theatre per se, and indeed one of its most innate devices – spans history through to the present day. Japanese shadow theatre, overtone-singing geishas and a magical sarcophagus – here movement, dance and music meld into one, only to drift apart again and again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Direction and Choreography: Gábor Goda
Music: Erzsebét Kiss, Balázs Temesvári
Performers: Tamás Bakó, László Czétényi, Katalin Dombi, Beáta Gold, Erzsebét Kiss, Péter Lipka, Andrea Nagy, István Oldal, Orsolya Sipos, Lea Tolnai, Nina Umniakov, György Tr. Szabó
When: Sat., June 12th, 7.30 p.m., Hans Otto Theater, Reithalle A
(opening ceremony)
Duration: 75 min.


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