About Unidram

Unidram is a laboratory for the future, which offers a platform for modern, innovative drama to independent theatre-makers and their creative potential. Its concept transcends borders, unites diverse theatre traditions and spans genres. It gives particular focus to productions that occupy the space between acting, dance, visual arts and performance. Fascinating imagery and visual experiments, as well as the play on illusion and reality offered by theatre, are directly contrasted with political positions and radical approaches.

Unidram is committed to offering young artists a platform to present and exchange their ideas. This means that many of the productions we present are shown in Germany for the first time.

Critical theatre beyond the festival circuit [...] At big festivals you will hardly get to see something like this, but for Potsdam’s Unidram, it’s typical. [...] Here, you are not presented with the usual suspects of the international festival circuit, but still get to see little known, young, highly talented artists from Eastern and Western Europe.” Deutschlandradio Kultur, 05.11.2015

Unidram is a festival where people meet at the interface between Eastern and Western Europe. Cultural and political understanding, and not least of all artistic affinities, can be forged through personal contact. One of the festival’s central aims is to create a social space shaped by a climate of openness and discussion, as well as an appreciative and critical exchange. Time and again, the intensity of the contact between the performers and the audience results in a very personal atmosphere, which lends the festival its special character.



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