Punch and Judy

The Tiger Lillies

Music Theatre

The Tiger Lillies barely need an introduction these days. Trio frontman, Martyn Jacques’ falsetto is legendary, as is their Shockheaded Peter. One of their albums was nominated for a Grammy Award, and their latest album was recorded with the Kronos Quartet.

Punch, the archetypal English clown figure, is unscrupulous, anarchistic and malevolent in all that he does, wittily and jovially murdering anyone who gets in his way – whether it be his own wife, the policeman, the doctor, the hangman or even the devil himself. Played once upon a time in the streets of Old England as a macabre and undivine comedy, the story is retold here in the form of a dark operetta: Punch’s triumphant marriage to Judy, the birth of his child, his beautiful murders and his own magnificent death. It seems as if Punch has been waiting all this time for the Tiger Lillies to come along in order to perform his perfidy to perfection.

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Musicians: Martyn Jacques (vocals, accordion), Adrian Huge (drums, percussion, toys), Adrian Stout (double bass, vocals)
Performer: Karin Bayerle
Artistic Adisor: Michael Simon
When: Sun., June 19th, 9 p.m.
Where: fabrik
Duration: ca. 70 min.

As well as: Sun., June 20th, 9 p.m., fabrik


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