Here lies Shakespeare

Les Antliaclastes

Figure theatre, 75 min, In easy to understand English

Graves, corpses, and stories. The stage is a gaping hole. It is the site of a dubious funeral or archaeological site, filled with skeletons and roots. Here lies Shakespeare centres on the Bard’s identity or the authorship of his works in a case of mistaken identity. Is the immortal giant only so famous because he did not exist? What other great deceptions have been celebrated? What other lies have been told about the greatness of our civilization? Grotesque and cryptic answers to these questions are found in various forms of dolls, masks, and machines, which are made of the stuff of dreams.

Les Antliaclastes was founded by the Canadian puppeteer and puppet maker Patrick Sims. Sims studied film and animation in Middlebury, USA, has worked with the Bread and Puppet Theatre and was the director of Buchinger’s Boot Marionettes for many years. He already performed at Unidram in 2011 and 2014 with his works Hilum and Le virus de la scène.

Director: Patrick Sims · Cast: Patrick Sims, Richard Penny, Nicolas Hubert, Evandro Serodio · Costumes: Josephine Biereye, Camille Lamy · Stage: Sophie Barraud · Lighting: Olivier Francfort, Sophie Barraud · Sound: Oriol Viladomiu, Karine Dumont · Masks, Puppets: Josephine Biereye · Puppets: Richard Penny · Designer: Laure Guilhot, Nicolas Hubert, Richard Penny, Jesse Philip Watson · Video: Raùl Berrueco · Photo: JP Estournet

Supported by Institut français and French Ministry of Culture/DGCA
A co-production with MarionNEttes - Festival international de Neuchâtel, Centre Culturel Yves Furet - La Souterraine, Le K Samka
Supported by Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication – DRAC Auvergne / Région Auvergne / Département de l’Allier, La Chartreuse


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