Cutting Edge

Kalle Nio / WHS

New Magic, 60 min., In English with German surtitles

Heads will roll! The visual inspiration for Cutting Edge comes from historical paintings of beheadings not only as tyrannical acts of cruelty, but also as acts of creation. What can be learned about humankind from these ultimate images of inhumanity? Is a person’s identity actually determined by their head? And why is sawing and reassembling the body such a popular activity among magicians? Full of black humour, this play deconstructs classic magician´s tricks. By simultaneously creating and destroying illusions, it moves between twisted magic show, baroque theatre, Grand Guignol, contemporary dance and the visual arts.

Founded by illusionist Kalle Nio, juggler Ville Walo and stage- and costume designer Anne Jämsä, WHS company has created a new kind of performance in which theatre, new circus and new magic are combined. There have been eight productions to date that fuse amazing illusions with video projections to create astounding dream imagery; these have already been shown at a number of international festivals.

Director: Kalle Nio · Performers: Inês Campos, Vera Selene Tegelman, Jukka Tarvainen · Light design: Jere Mönkkönen, Joonas Tikkanen · Set design: Kalle Nio, Taneli Rautiainen · Set + props construction: Taneli Rautiainen · Stage mechanics: Jere Mönkkönen, Taneli Rautiainen, Joonas Tikkanen · Sound design: Samuli Kosminen, Kalle Nio · Music: Samuli Kosminen, Inês Campos, Vivaldi Juditha Triumphans, Charlemagne Palestine Ssingggg Sschlllingg Sshpppingg · Stage technicians: Taneli Rautiainen, Johannes Hallikas · Costumes: Kaisa Rissanen, Mila Moisio · Dramaturgy: Henriikka Himma · Texts: Kalle Nio, includes quotations from Wikipedia, Roman Polanski, Frances Larson, Nicholas Terpstra, Oscar Wilde, Richard Clark · Production: Kalle Nio / WHS · Photo: Kalle Nio

Kindly supported by Hans Otto Theater Potsdam
Supported by TINFO - Theatre Info Finland, SZENEfrei, Finnland-Institut
A co-production with Helsinki Festival/Helsingin Juhlaviikot; La Brèche, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque de Basse-Normandie, France; Trident – Scène Nationale de Cherbourg-Octeville, France; Mala performerska scena/Festival novog cirkusa – Zagreb, Croatia; Kumu Art Museum, Estonia; Cirko – Center for New Circus, Finland; Teatro São Luiz, Portugal
Supported by Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Fondation d’entreprise Hermès within the framework of the New Settings programme


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