Celestial Odyssey


Czech Republic
Dance theatre with live music, 50 minutes, nonverbal

Some kind of interstellar space, shaped by rays of light. A universe of light, fog, black holes and flying particles. A mobile harpsichord with its musician and two female bodies appear to float in it. Cosmic ballerinas at first seem shy to discover movement. Android-like bodies draw strict patterns on elliptical orbits, while the wandering instrument constantly reshapes the space. Baroque soundscapes combine with “divine” inspiration to create an intergalactic concert. A tribute to all celestial bodies, which immerses the audience in the atmosphere of a truly science-fiction world.

This artistic duo from Prague, consisting of the dancer and choreographer Andrea Miltnerová and director, lighting and sound designer Jan Komárek, has been creating various projects for ten years in which movement, light and sound are inseparable elements. Andrea Miltnerová's great interest in Baroque music led to her collaboration with the virtuoso harpsichordist Monika Knoblochová, who specialises in Baroque and contemporary compositions and has already won multiple awards. The piece Celestial Odyssey by Miltnerová/Knoblochová/Komárek was awarded Best Work at the Czech Dance Platform 2022 festival.

A coproduction with PONEC - dance, REZI.Dance, Plum Yard, Tep39, prostor39, Divadlo 29

Supported by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Cultural Fund of the Czech Republic, Prague 1 City District

Concept, choreography Andrea Miltnerová Performance Andrea Miltnerová, Jana Látalová Harpsichord, music dramaturgy Monika Knoblochová Lighting, sound design, masks Jan Komárek Photos Vojtěch Brtnický

Kindly supported by fabrik Potsdam

Sponsored by Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds


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