Object theatre, 50 minutes, some spoken German

A brain knitted from wool connects to a papier-mâché computer. A humanoid object-artist tinkers with an augmented, hyperlinked creature which is stuck in its own endless time and impaired by a somewhat capricious artificial intelligence. ERSATZ is a fantasy trip into a future that is already here. It is an absurd imagining of transhumanist transgressions and a self-ironic dystopia with stunning sound effects. AÏE AÏE AÏE creates a humorous sleight of hand with the darkrooms of technology while exuding that air of melancholy that arises from the synthesis between human and machine.

AÏE AÏE AÏE, which means “Oh, no!” or is an exclamation in the face of imminent drama, is an artists’ collective from Rennes, France that takes an interdisciplinary artistic approach. Each director directs their own projects, while the collective provides the necessary conditions for the production. Its members share the same curiosity for a wide variety of creative forms and a penchant for reinterpreting pictures and objects. The French group has already presented around 15 shows with great success both in France and at international festivals.

Coproduction with Festival 11, biennale de la marionnette et des formes manipulées ; Scène Nationale Sud Aquitain

Supported by French Ministry of Culture - DRAC de Bretagne, Regional Council of Bretagne, City Council of Rennes

Director, cast, stage Julien Mellano Artistic advisor Etienne Manceau Lighting Sébastien Thomas Sound Gildas Gaboriau Music Olivier Mellano Photos Laurent Guizard, Julien Mellano

Sponsored by Institut français, Ministre de la Culture


Being Moved
Simon Mayer/Kopf Hoch – Austria
Celestial Odyssey
Miltnerová/Knoblochová/Komárek – Czech Republic
Cie Focus & Cie Chaliwaté – Belgium
AÏE AÏE AÏE – France
Good Night
Fekete Seretlek & Studio Damúza – Czech Republic
Le Mains de I’Argentière
Djalma Primordial Science – France
Les Arrière-Mondes
Cie Mossoux-Bonté – Belgium
Madness in the workshop
Tof Théâtre – Belgium
Simon Mayer/Kopf Hoch – Austria
Who’d have thought that snow falls
Matthias Schönijahn – Germany/Ukraine
Fekete Seretlek – Czech Republic
KAMA Orchestra – Germany



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