Opening concert

SkaZka Orchestra


The SkaZka Orchestra musicians (skazka is Russian for fairy tale) come from assorted countries and have Iranian, Jewish, Russian and German roots; so they’re musically equally at home in pop, classical and jazz music. Wild klezmer, punk, electronic grooves and Balkan melodies merge to form a multicultural delight, not to mention a fast tempo for those in the mood to dance. The audience soon works up a sweat that can be cooled off with vodka-laced stories.

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Vocals, Guitar: Artur Gorlatschov
Vocals, Accordion: Valentin Butt
Bass: Florian Metzger
Percussion: Elena Shams
Trombone: Andrej Ugoljew
Trumpet: Johannes Böhmer

When: Oct. 30th 2012, 9.30 p.m.
Where: T-Werk (Festival tent), Schiffbauergasse 4E
Entrance fee: Free admission
Length: 90 min


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Opening concert
SkaZka Orchestra – Berlin/Germany



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