MEDEÄÄ. 214 Picture Descriptions.

400 ASA

based on „Medea-Film by Lars von Trier

„400 ASA are a crazy mix of actors, amateurs, dancers, musicians and authors drawn from all corners of the world. This ever-changing ensemble has been around since 1998. With „Bekenntnis 99 (Confession 99), the group defined its own highly provocative „dogma for a simpler and cheaper method of doing theatre: no props, no hidden technique, no illusions.

»MEDEÄÄ. 214 Picture Descriptions.« (Multimedia Performance)
based on „Medea-Film by Lars von Trier

The archaic material collides with the dismal image worlds of the Danish film magician. Outstretched sheets serving as a simple backdrop, a mobile projector as the sole source of light. Hazy scenes, imageless flickering – a film that you don’t see is re-enacted. A film crew, a smart TV announcer who commentates all the sequences. Violence is inevitable, if one is supposed to look good in this bloody drama, in which Medea loves Jason and exacts a terrifying revenge on him for taking her rival Glauce as a lover. MEDEÄÄ is a harsh dissolution, a scenic sampler where theatre, film, sound, myth and reality powerfully entwine; dynamic, anarchic, disrespectful; the force and the destructive passion of an extraordinary woman are always in sight.

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Production: Samuel Schwarz
Text: Samuel Schwarz, Lukas Baerfuss, Fabian Krüger
Performance: Sabina Eppler, Meret Hottinger, Matthias Keller, Fabian
Krüger, Barbara Maurer, Mike Reber, Werner Schöni, Julia Glaus
When: Saturday, 23. June, 19.00 and 22.30
Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen
Duration: approx. 75 minutes


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MEDEÄÄ. 214 Picture Descriptions.
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