Mauritius and other proposals

Akademia Ruchu

Open-Air Performance

Although most things are indeed quite remote, nothing seems to be impossible.The desire for artificial stimuli and states of paradise, the expectations for happiness are great. Exotic islands are the final port of call for desire. „Mauritius could just as easily be called Bali, Tenerife or Lanzarote. It is a sinister parable of the socio-pathological consequences of a compulsive greed for experiences, a parable of conformity, lies and self-deception, of the manipulation and discipline of fitness regimes; life as a perpetual change of bookings, narrated in the associative language of visual theatre.

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Direction: Wojciech Krukowski
Performers: Janusz Baldyga, Jolanta Krukowska, Cezary Marczak, Zbigniew Olkiewicz, Krzysztof Zwirblis
When: Tuesday, 19. June, 22.30
Where: Freigelände Schiffbauergasse; If it is raining the performance will take
place in the fabrik.
Duration: approx. 40 minutes


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