Music theatre, 60 minutes, songs in Dutch

Mechanical music, both raw and delicate at once: down pipes, rusty oil barrels, clattering iron hinges. A piano trundles through the room; a trombone rotates. Sewing machines and pieces of metal guttering are transformed into new instruments. This splendid stage, filled with chaos, triggers a real surge of energy, emerging somewhere at the interface of object theatre, concert, performance and installation. RAMKOERS, which, roughly translated, means collision course, draws its potential from the exciting interactions between the actors and their absurdist aural objects to create a truly unique world of play and music thanks to a huge portion of ingenuity and sophisticated compositions.

The BOT music-theatre foursome is made up of Geert Jonkers, Tomas Postema, Job van Gorkum and Doan Hendriks. Their homemade instruments, which they call sound contraptions, are made from what looks like the contents of a garbage bin. The ensemble has come up with an authentic art form that merges music, object theatre and mechanical sound art. The resulting performances are full of musical energy. Since their first appearance at the Oerol Festival in 2009 with the production RAMKOERS, they have regularly toured Europe.

Supported by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund, Gemeente Arnhem

Director Vincent de Rooij Cast, live music Job Van Gorkum, Doan Hendriks, Tomas Postema, Geert Jonkers Costumes Linde Legat Lighting Chieljan van der Hoek Sound Jan Aike Luchtenberg

Photo Ilton Kabassa Do Rosario | Sigrid Spinnox


Kindly supported by fabrik Potsdam

Sponsored by Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


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