Piano Piece

Felix Mathias Ott

Performance, 50 min, nonverbal

Sliding, slanting, rolling and turning. Tilting, lifting and dismantling – Piano Piece is a duet for a dancer and a piano that explores all the possibilities of this relationship, including its limits and dependencies. A choreographic balancing act of fragmentary scenes full of beginnings and unfulfilled hopes, in which piano-playing literally becomes a play about the piano. This costly everyday object – also a status symbol – is transformed into an art object and resurrected as a fragile architectural work of art. Featuring a dreamlike, dazzlingly precise nonsense-choreography and electronic sounds.

Felix Mathias Ott, born in southern Germany, works in Berlin and Paris. He trained as a stage sculptor and studied contemporary dance, context and choreography at the Inter-University Centre of Dance in Berlin. Since then he has worked as a stage designer, video artist, interpreter, author and choreographer throughout Europe. Since 2011 he has been touring Europe and Asia with his own productions. His works create reflexive spaces in which viewers are invited to discover their own subconscious world.

Concept, choreographie, performance: Felix Mathias Ott · Sound: Adam Asnan · Costume: Amandine Cheveau · Technician: Emma Juliard · Photos: Barbara Antal

Kindly supported by Waschhaus Potsdam
Supported by NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ Gastspielförderung Tanz, gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, sowie den Kultur- und Kunstministerien der Länder

Co-financed by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and Archivio Conz
Supported by Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (Montag Modus)



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