Gritos (Screams)

Dos à Deux

Visual theatre, 75 min, with some spoken English

Born into an unfamiliar body, lost in a society full of prejudice, contempt and intolerance: Gritos is a scenic poem of transformations and conflicts at the interface between sculpture, animated objects and figures, theatre and dance. On the basis of three lyrical surreal, interwoven stories, it shines a light on unnoticed or “invisible human beings”, and reconstructs human existence in all its absurdity, emotional vulnerability and loneliness. It also presents a wholehearted striving for love and recognition against external opposition.

The French-Brazilian artists André Curti and Artur Luanda Ribeiro founded the theatre Dos à Deux in Paris in 1998. Both are trained actors and dancers and call themselves “movers of theatre”. Since they founded their company, they have worked together to develop physical theatre forms in which body language replaces the spoken word. In addition, the manipulation of dolls and objects has become an essential part of their productions. After more than 20 years in France and more than 1,800 performances in over 50 countries, both artists returned to their homeland, Brazil in 2015, where they built up a new place for their artistic work in Rio de Janeiro.

Director, cast: Artur Luanda Ribeiro, André Curti · Props, masks: Natacha Belova · Costumes: Tanara Schoenarbie · Stage: Artur Luanda Ribeiro, André Curti · Lighting: Artur Luanda Ribeiro, Hugo Mercier · Sound: Fernando Mota, Marcelo H, Beto Lemos · Photos: Renato Mangolin

Kindly supported by fabrik Potsdam
Supported by Goethe-Institut

Supported by Banco do Brasil Cultural Center


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