Foreign body_trio

Howool Baek

Germany/South Korea
Sound and dance performance, 55 min, nonverbal

Strange anatomies. Three bodies dismpt stereotypical images with their unusual physical shapes. Sometimes bony, sometimes seeming spineless, they transform into giant birds with wing stumps, fidgeting crabs, exhausted insects or archaic quadrupeds. Foreign bodies emerge – unfamiliar misfits, unprotected and always confronted with distrust and rejection. Accompanied by a live, almost hypnotic soundscape of percussion and electronics, Foreign body_trio unfolds the potential for movement and expression of individual physicalparts, thereby challenging the meaning and perception of strangeness in our society.

Howool Baek is a South Korean choreographer who lives in Berlin and found her way into professional training at the Incheon City College in Korea after dancing to K-Pop and Hip-Hop. Her works deal with questions of perception and the human body’s possibilities for movement and expression. She works very consistently and concentratedly, for example by limiting herself to a narrow space or to the movement and expression of individual body parts. The Austrian composer and sound designer Matthias Erian and the choreographer Howool Baek have worked together as a perfect team for over ten years.

Supported by Expo Festival Berlin

Concept, Choreography: Howool Baek · Movement research, interpretation: Nicole Michalla, Lorenzo Savino, Shoko Seki · Sound design, live interpretation: Matthias Erian · Lighting: Hendrik Haupt · Photos: Jerun Vahle

Kindly supported by fabrik Potsdam

Sponsored by the NATIONALE PERFORMANCE NETZ, Guest Performance Fund for Dance, which is funded by Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Ministries of Culture and the Arts of the German Länder


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