Scenic installation for one person at a time, 60 min, Available in German, English or Italian. | Unfortunately not fully accessible for people with disabilities. No admission for children under 12. | Admission will take place every 5 minutes. Guests need to register!

Nettles is an audio experience which takes the audience to a place where we listen to our inner voices. It is a voyage between two extremes: childhood and death. Visual-acoustic landscapes appear, a metaphor for our personal, inner path of consciousness and intensely emotional, human existence. Equipped with headphones and accompanied by a voice, the audience members are sent individually on a path through the set. They have to cross subtle boundaries between dream and reality, memory and contemplation, and are carried back to a state of childlike anxiety and uncertainty, where death takes on an archetypal dimension.

Trickster-p is Cristina Galbiati and Ilija Luginbühl. Their productions are fantastical, poetic installations in which space, sound, objects and light become performers. By breaking down the barriers between the performing and visual arts, the protagonists create a microcosm whose rules deviate from those of usual perceptions of space and time. They create an aesthetic and emotional experience in which stories arise in the imagination of the spectators. The special poetics of their works, which can be seen at festivals worldwide, have earned them a unique place in contemporary international theatre.

Koproduktion mit LuganoInScena, ROXY Birsfelden, Teatro Sociale Bellinzona, Theater Chur, TAK Theater Liechtenstein, FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts

Concept, realisation: Cristina Galbiati, Ilija Luginbühl · Dramaturgy: Simona Gonella · Artistic collaboration: Yves Regenass, Mamoru Iriguchi · Voices: Dorit Ehlers (deutsch), Gabriella Sacco (englisch) · Soundscape: Zeno Gabaglio · Editing, mixing: Lara Persia -LeMura Recording Studio · Photos: CCRZ

Kindly supported by Waschhaus Potsdam

Sponsored by Pro Helvetia - Schweizer Kulturstiftung

Co-production with LuganoInScena, ROXY Birsfelden, Teatro Sociale Bellinzona, Theater Chur, TAK Theater Liechtenstein, FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts


An unstable air
Laurent Bigot – France
As long as it burns
Andrea Salustri – Germany/Italy
BOT – Netherlands
Echo of an End
Li Kemme – Germany
Foreign body_trio
Howool Baek – Germany/South Korea
Olivier de Sagazan – France
Las Hermanas Verán
Andrea Cruz Company – Spain
Hallimasch Komplex – Germany/Austria/Switzerland
My name is Hor
Companyia PSiRC – Spain
Trickster-p – Switzerland
Pause for effect
KOMBINAT – Germany
Ferenc Fehér – Hungary
This work about the orange
Cie Les 3 Plumes – France/Italy
Cie Sacékripa – France
Cie Claudio Stellato – Belgium
Bobby Rausch – Germany



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