Muta Imago

Visual Theatre

Muta Imago was founded in 2004 by Claudia Sorace, Massimo Troncanetti andRiccardo Fazi, the latter coming from an installation and performance background. Since 2006 the actor Glen Blackhall has also had an important influence on the artistic concerns of the company, although their work foregrounds an intense interaction with various stages accentuated by the nature of the content they treat.

There is a man, though it is indiscernible where he is. Here, space and time do not proceed along the given paths. Based on the diary of a Russian soldier who lost his memory after being hit in the head by a bullet during the Second World War, this variation of the story of Kasper Hauser is about the struggle of an individual to regain his own identity. With the simplest of dramatic means, expressive lighting and a polyphonic sound collage, a fundamental existential situation is condensed to such an extent that pain, rebellion and hope can be experienced with great intensity and immediacy.

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Directed by: Claudia Sorace
Performed by: Glen Blackhall
Dramaturgy, Music: Riccardo Fazi
Stage Design: Massimo Troncanetti
Costumes: Fiamma Benvignati

When: Thursday, 5th, 8:00 p.m.
Where: Waschhaus Arena, Schiffbauergasse 5
Duration: 45 minutes
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» The performance will be followed by a talk.


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