Wanted Hamlet


St. Vith/Belgium
Drama Loosely based on W. Shakespeare

Agora is one of Belgium’s most acclaimed theatre companies. Often based on material devised by the members of the company, their productions are characterised by their equally radical and poetic approach. With their incorporation of stylistic devices drawn from film, music and the dramatic arts, they have continued to create unconventional, aesthetically innovative works. Agora last performed at UNIDRAM in 2007 with The Crusaders.

It’s high noon for Danish prince – Wanted Hamlet links the quintessential tragedy with the western. A revolver instead of a dagger; Elsinore is Dodge City. Here, the characters killed in Shakespeare’s drama run into each other again – this time as victim-perpetrators of the Wild West; they replace the tinkling saloon piano with guitar riffs and stage the big showdown in a huge pile of washing. The irony and scorn aside, however, this production packs quite a political punch while creating a link, both visually powerful and musically excellent, to the Hamletian conditions of our time.

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Directed by: Marcel Cremer
Performed by: Dirk Schwantes, Eno Krojanker, Katja Wiefel, Matthias Weiland, Robert Wyn-Jones, Viola Streicher, Zoé Kovacs
Lighting, Sound: Kurt Pothen, Sabine Rixen, Christopher Hafer
Video: Christiane Hommelsheim
Musical Director: Dirk Schwantes
Lighting Design: Jean-Lou Caglar

When: Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 09:00 p.m.
Where: T-Werk, Schiffbauergasse 4E
Duration: 100 minutes
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» The performance will be followed by a talk.

A co-production with Studiobühne Köln


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