Anna Konjetzky

Dance Performance

Born in Munich in 1980, the choreographer and artist Anna Konjetzky studied at the international school of theatre Lassaad in Brussels as well as contemporary dance, Butoh and Bodyweather in Brussels and Berlin. Since 2005, she has been producing her own dance pieces, performances and installations in cooperation with artists from various countries and artistic fields. At the euro-scene Leipzig in 2009, her short piece Elephant's Memory, won the 1st prize in the Best German Dance Solo category.

Breathing sounds, steamed up glass, a figure locked into a reflecting glass cube; her movements like paths searching within the labyrinth of the multiple doublings and illusions into which she manically draws her outline, scribbles, presses it onto the paper to create and retain herself, to leave traces, striding despairingly against the disintegrating reflexion between confinement and rebellion. In Imprints, the geometrical, anonymous space created by dance, video projections and drawings clashes with the pliable intimacy of the body: unreal, claustrophobic, sometimes harsh, sometimes tender.

Supported by: the Bavarian National Association for contemporary dance (BLZT), from the public purse of the Bavarian Ministry of State of sciences, research und arts. Supported by the artist-in-residence in Glasshouse, Tel Aviv, Israel and the carpenter's shop Moritz Köster.

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Choreography: Anna Konjetzky, Sahra Huby
Concept, Installation: Anna Konjetzky
Dance, Drawing: Sahra Huby

When: Nov. 04th 2011, 08:30 & 10:15 p. m.
Where: Waschhaus (Kesselhaus), Schiffbauergasse 6
Entrance fee: Price category B (Limited seating)
Duration: 20 min
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This performance is supported by: NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ in the framework of guest performance furtherance Dance from the public purse of the federal government delegate for culture and media as well as the governmental departments of culture and arts of the federal states.

Generously supported by Waschhaus Potsdam.


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