Hares on Skates/ und übrigens kann ich fliegen

Anne Hirth – büro für zeit + raum

Movement theatre

The büro für zeit + raum was founded for the first production wait here for further instructions by the director Anne Hirth at the end of 2005. For each production a different cast is put together to work precisely and associatively, using elements from performance, theatre, dance and installation.

Opposites and their limits are resulting from certain systems of perception and thought. If the perspective is changed, the validity of the opposite might be abolished. Based on the nonsense poem Dunkel war’s, der Mond schien helle (It was dark, the moon shone brightly) theatre artists from different disciplines dive into the world of warped thinkers and drinkers standing on their heads and work through paradoxes and other (im)possibilities with relish.

Installation by Alexandra Süßmilch.

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Director: Anne Hirth
Performers: Florian Bilbao, Tobias Dutschke, Fernanda Farah, Jürg Plüss, Anna-Luise Recke, Volker Schindel, Greg Stauffer
Stage/Costumes: Silvia Albarella
Light: Arnaud Poumarat
Sound: Peter Göhler
Objects: Alexandra Süßmilch
Production: Suzanne Jaeschke

When: Wednsday, Nov. 5th, 8.00 pm
Where: fabrik Schiffbauergasse 10
Duration: 80 minutes
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Supported by UNIDRAM 2008

Coproduction with HAU Berlin and FFT Düsseldorf


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