Tel Aviv/Israel
Puppet theatre

Meital Raz studied to become a clown in Barcelona. At the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem she also studied visual and physical theatre as well as puppetry and object theatre.

All good things come from above. Just not for a young zebra who, peacefully grazing in the steppe, is suddenly caught in the clutches of a vulture that swoops down from the sky. After taking off with its prey, the vulture is overwhelmed by the zebra’s weight and promptly drops it from a great height. But below there is suddenly a house with a pointed roof and beside it an innocent child that has yet to discover that life is full of free-falls … Theatre in miniature: on a little table, a curious story of good and bad luck is told with finger puppets, figurines, a book of spells and clips from animated and nature films; it is also a story about flying, unusual abilities, encounters and coincidences, about rejection, being abandoned and other little catastrophes. .

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Director, Actress: Meital Raz
Lighting: Ariel Olmert

When: Nov. 1st 2013, 8.45 p.m. / Nov. 2nd 2013, 8.30 p.m.
Where: museum FLUXUS+ (Atrium), Schiffbauergasse 4F
Entrance fee: Price category B
Length: 20 min
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Kindly supported by museum FLUXUS+ Potsdam


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