The Dead

Città di Ebla

Visual theatre

Città di Ebla, founded in 2004 by Claudio Angelini and Valentina Bravetti in Forlì near Ravenna, is representative of and defines the style of a new generation of Italian theatre. What’s more, they are the organisers of Ipercorpo, an annual festival for independent Italian performance groups.

For the last time, a woman enters the room that she shared with somebody she loved. The phantasmal force of this (perhaps) dead person seems to lead her through light, sounds, objects and above all photos. More and more photos. The series of intimate snapshots seems to be endless, larger than life and is projected, faster and faster, onto a transparent wall. With every step, every movement, the woman behind the wall conjures up an imaginary present with her beloved, while the photos tell of another time, of gradual decay and the disappearance of reality. The Dead, inspired by the final story in James Joyce’s short-story collection Dubliners, shows how memories are created, but above all reveals their intensity, their internal momentum and asynchronicity, their dissolution as well as their impending loss.

Supported by: Emilia-Romagna Council

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Director: Claudio Angelini
Cast: Valentina Bravetti, Luca Ortolani
Costumes: Elisa Gandini
Drawings: Jacopo Flamigni
Lighting: Claudio Angelini
Sound: Franco Naddei

When: Oct. 30th 2013, 8.30 p.m.
Where: T-Werk, Schiffbauergasse 4E
Entrance fee: Price category B
Length: 60 min


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