Fr 03.09.2021, 9:00 PMSold out Sa 04.09.2021, 9:00 PMSold out fabrik, Schiffbauergasse 10 Price category A: 21 euros / reductions 16 euros / pupils 10 euros (Evening box office +2 euros) Music theatre, 60 minutes – German premiere –

Everything’s just fine! And it keeps getting better! Life is a party! But what happens when the last cocktail has been drunk? What if the whole world comes to a standstill? A second turns into a minute, a minute an hour, and an hour a whole life. While an endless loop of emptiness spins, the four musicians try to define what really matters to us all. Who are we now, who were we before and who will we be after this all ends? With homemade sound contraptions, visual poetry and rousing songs, BOT lauds stubbornness and the possibilities we have when everything stops and loneliness sets in.

The BOT music-theatre foursome is made up of Geert Jonkers, Tomas Postema, Job van Gorkum and Doan Hendriks. Their homemade instruments, which they call sound contraptions, are made from what looks like the contents of a garbage bin. The ensemble has come up with an authentic art form that merges music, object theatre and mechanical sound art. The resulting performances are full of musical energy. Since their first appearance at the Oerol Festival in 2009 with the production RAMKOERS, they have regularly toured Europe.

Supportet by FONDS PODIUM KUNSTEN Performing Arts Fund NL, Gemeente Arnhem

Director: Craig Weston · Cast, live music: Job Van Gorkum, Doan Hendriks, Tomas Postema, Geert Jonkers · Production: Linde Légat · Lighting: Chieljan van der Hoek · Sound: Jan Aike Luchtenberg · Photos: René Engelsman, Guillaume Versteeg

Kindly supported by fabrik Potsdam

Sponsored by embassy of the kingdom of the Netherlands


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