LOD/Steve Salembier

Th 13.10.2022, 7:45 PMBuy tickets Waschhaus Arena, Schiffbauergasse 5 Price category B (16 euros / concessions 11 euros / pupils 7 euros) (Evening box office: +2 euros) Multimedia object theatre, 40 minutes, nonverbal – German premiere –

Skyscrapers. Views into empty rooms. The absence of people. Buildings are the sole actors here. Using true-to-scale models, photography, video projection and ambient soundscapes, Babel shows a city that contains all other cities. It is a reflection on the 21st-century city as an ill-adjusted biotope that fuses the megalomania of the urban landscape with the insignificance of the lonely individual. This does not create an apocalyptic image but instead a sad and desolate impression of the world. Babel is a fusion of visual arts, performance, architecture and theatre.

LOD muziektheater is a Ghent-based production company for opera and music theatre which provides artists with an interdisciplinary space and the resources to develop their ideas. As an artist in LOD’s pool of collaborators, the performer, director and architect Steve Salembier has been designing interdisciplinary projects at the interface of visual and performative art for several years. With the help of models, photography, video and projection, he dissects how relationships between people and their urban environments are fundamentally changing. In his scenographic spaces, he seems to make the breathing of modern metropolises audible.

Supported by Tax Shelter measure by the Belgian federal government, Flanders Tax Shelter

Concept, text, performance Steve Salembier Soundtrack ZONDERWERK (Linde Carrijn & Dijf Sanders) Dramaturgy Tom Rummens Light, sound, video Pino Etz Production manager Eva De Wolf Production LOD muziektheater Photos Kurt Van der Elst

Kindly supported by Waschhaus Potsdam


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